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Related article: Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 22:25:17 -0800 (PST) From: David Anderson Subject: Church Boys Go Bad part 1 (teaser)I followed Dan into the church bathroom; my heart pounding in my chest so loud it drowned out his father the preacher from the podium. He turned to help the door close with a push and snapped the lock. Before I knew what to do he was on me. He pushed his plump lips against mine and in went his tongue. I was frozen and terrified but excited. It wasn't until I opened my eyes that I noticed that they had been closed."Is this ok?" Dan asked.He had motioned for me to look down during the service and of course I fell into his trap. We always sat in the back so we could make a quick escape to the game room once service began. I looked down and my mouth fell open. There pushing up his black dress pants was his nicely sized junk. He grinned at me in a way that made me instantly hard as well. We had hung out all summer and like any thirteen-year-old boys sexual tension had run high but only hardons had materialized and nothing else. As everyone bowed their heads to pray he young hot cunt motioned towards the door."I'm cool" I lied trying not to pass out.Why was he doing this now after I had imagined it in a thousand other ways? We were in a church bathroom during service for God sake! I had no time to panic; he pulled me to him with such force that I had to struggle to catch my breath. I could feel his cock on my hip and his hands on my ass. He overpowered me in everything we did basketball, swimming, and arm wrestling and now this? He flashed that evil grin again and pinned against the wall behind me. Again his tongue dove back into my mouth threatening to choke me as he began to stroke my cock through my dress pants. Just as fast as this whole situation began it ended. Someone knocked on incest young pictures the bathroom door. Dan didn't panic although my mind was quickly approaching that direction."Go out and I will hide in here" he said calmly. He ran to the last stall and I watched his legs disappear as he closed and locked the door while standing on the toilet. I young nymphs did not question him but did just that. He flushed the toilet and I washed my hands and unlocked the door. Mr. Clifton a deacon was waiting outside young incest pic with a look of pain on his face."Ah, thank you Dave...I was dying" he gasped."If you only knew you would be!" I thought.I went to the game room in the basement of the church and waited for Dan to show. It took some twenty minutes but finally he came tromping down the stairs laughing his head off."Fucking Clifton had the shits and stayed in there forever squirting, I thought I was going to die from the smell!" He waved his hand in front of his face as young girl videos if the stench had followed him."Sorry dude." I replied from my position on the floor. I was lying on my stomach playing Game Cube. Trying to act as if nothing had happened seemed like the thing to do."I'm the one that's sorry." he smirked."For what?" I knew where he was going with this."For not finishing this!" He grabbed at his package.He made his way behind where I lay and I could fell his breath on my neck; he lay on top off me pinning me once more to the ground. His cock found its way in-between my butt cheeks as I let out a slight gasp. This was moving entirely too fast! Was I ready for this? This is what I had spent hours jerking off to and thinking about after all."Dan...I..." I began."Just kidding man!" he said rolling off of me.He picked up the other controller and acted as if he were playing the game. My emotions were blonde young pics all over the place now. I had wanted him to stop but keep going and now he had stopped! Maybe I had been a bad kisser or turned him off in some way. We sat quiet for a minute when he turned to me with that smile again, "hey you wanna see if you can spend the night?""Uh...ok...I will ask my mom." I felt a wave young illegal porn of relief before the next thought hit me...tonight was parents night at church so we would be home alone together. To Be Continued...
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